Q: The wire in my flex sensor broke, what should I do?

A: It is possible to solder the wire back together, but if you don't already have a soldering kit, it's easier to get a new flex sensor. Even if you do have a soldering kit, it's not worth the time and effort to try put it back together.

Q: My finger isn't responding to my flex sensor, what should I do?

A: There are several steps you can check through for this:
1. Check that the code matches up with the code provided, and check that you've connected the right wires to the right pins. Spelling is important otherwise, the arduino board cannot recognise the command. Remember, the number of the pin must match up to the number in the code.

2. If you have a spare laptop or can borrow a friend's, send the code to their laptop and see if it works when you upload to your arduino board.

3. If it still doesn't work, then there may be something wrong with the hardware. If this is a school project, you can check your code with your friends' finger. If it works then, then you know it's something wrong with the hardware.Before you get a replacement, double-check that your wires and pins are attached to the correct place.

Q: I can't read the serial monitor when trying to calibrate my flex sensor, what should I do?

A: Make sure that it's set to 9600 baud.

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